A Minor Grove (Not Certified Organic)
Contact: Kyle Minor & Brittany Bastien
Address: 133 Mason Rd. Melrose, FL, 32666
Email Address:
Phone: 352-235-1270
About Us
Engaged farmers, Kyle Minor and Brittany Bastien, are a couple of Florida Natives with a passion for homesteading, self sufficiency and local foods. When the Pandemic took a toll on their livelihoods in 2020, Kyle and Brittany moved out to a newly bought family property in Melrose. Their newfound home is an abandoned certified organic citrus grove developed by an unknown UF professor who left them with a shorthand map to guess all of the varieties of citrus the grove holds. For the last 2 years, Kyle and Brittany have been working day in and day out to clean up the overgrown trees, regain organic certification and resurrect the abandoned grove. They have goals of obtaining bees and producing citrus honey, Brittany's favorite! With their passion for delicious foods and newfound citrus treasures, Kyle and Brittany have been juicing, as well as toying in the kitchen making grapefruit and limoncello as well as honey brittle and other dishes they enjoy and hope to share with us some day!
Transitional organic property working towards recertification in 2021