Fungi Jon (Not Certified Organic)
Address: 1801 N Econlockhatchee Trail Unit 8511 Orlando, FL, 32817
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About Us
Jon Martin is really a fun guy! With a passion for everything mycological, he seeks to take mushrooms to the next level by educating the public, cultivating unique varieties of mushrooms and incorporating them in as many products as he can. From raw mushrooms to teas and kombuchas, Jon is determined for the world to experience the benefits of mushroom superfoods.

Fungi Jon's mushrooms are cultivated from start to finish in his self-designed facility in Orlando, Florida. Sterile technique and frequent sanitation are a must in growing mushrooms. Without it, invasive fungi could ruin production very quickly. He grows in sterile sawdust fruiting bags, and gloves are worn at all points of contact to guarantee successful grows. His substrates mainly consist of  Amish Pure Oak, organic soybean hulls, organic millet and "a tiny bit of Organic rye for spawn". Absolutely NO wheat or straw is used in production!

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Fungi Jon grows using 100% non-GMO, organic materials despite the extra cost to produce the best mushrooms possible. His goal is to become third-party certified organic by 2021.