Awesome Brussels Sprouts from Big Daddy's Organic Farm!

Mark your calendars! Our Spring Farm Tour is Saturday, March 21st!

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AWESOME CROPS THIS WEEK: ARUGULA, ONIONS (green/scallions), CABBAGE (Napa, Green Sweet); TURMERIC; CARROTS (super sweet baby, rainbow!!!); LETTUCE (green romaine, red butter, red leaf, baby mix); DILL; SPRING MIX (mizuna, arugula, osaka, baby lettuces this week); RADISHES (French Breakfast, Easter Egg); SWEET POTATOES (Yams or Murasaki - Fingerling or Medium/Large); TEA (Tulsi, hibiscus, moringa), TOKYO TURNIPS    

Another cold week at the farm. We saw temperatures approach 31 degrees this morning as a light frost settled on the strawberry beds. We're looking at another round of cold tomorrow night so we'll be continuing to cover as many berries as possible and cold protect our peaches and plums with mini sprinklers. This upcoming week we'll be planting sweet corn, squash, peas, and even okra as we prepare for the end of the cold season and the start of spring. This week's chilly winter weather is creating some abundant greens (chard and three types of kale) as well as super sweet green cabbage. I recommend roasting our carrots, sweet potatoes, and turnips together to warm up the kitchen and delight the taste buds. We have lots of turmeric too for immune support! Wish us luck as we try to get through the last frosts of the year (hopefully) and into the abundant spring season. Planning Menus? See our Crop Calendar for year-round seasonal information.

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