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Little Pond Farm
Address: 2893 CR 321 Bushnell, FL, 33513
Phone: 352-571-0869
About Us
Little Pond Farm is owned and operated by Cole Turner and Ellen Trimarco. Established in 2013, the farm resides on 26 acres of family-owned land in Sumter County, on the edge of 25,000 acres of forest and swamps. We grow 5 acres of organic vegetables and cut flowers for a weekly farmer’s market, and community-supported agriculture program.
Our farm is USDA certified organic by QCS. We never use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. We are dedicated to mindful stewardship of the land, and caring for the farm in a way that supports the surrounding ecosystem and wildlife. We strive to pair intensive crop production with regenerative organic farming practices by utilizing cover crops, crop rotation, crop diversity, mulches, beneficial attractants, and rotational grazing. We are continually fine-tuning our organic farming practices according to observations from the land, crops, and organisms around us.