Frog Song Farm (Not Certified Organic)
Contact: Amy Van Scoik & John Bitter
City: Hawthorne, FL,
About Us
At Frog Song Farm, we raise all our animals on pasture including chickens and hogs. They move around on our forty plus acre certified organic farm, in tandem with our vegetable farming operation. The animal products are not certified organic, due to our very small animal population and the lack of certified processing facilities in our area. You have a choice when ordering meat to select from individual USDA inspected cuts; or a package pork share, which is processed at a non- USDA inspected facility. Not all items are available at all times. Please contact us to request specific cuts or specialty items. All smoked items and seasoned sausage are non-USDA inspected. We utilize the professional butchering services of South Marion Meats (a USDA inspected and Animal Welfare Approved facility) and North Florida Custom Meats, a Custom-Cut facility.
All of our animals receive certified organic, soy-free feed, milled by New Country Organics in Virginia. Our animals are free to engage in natural behaviors like running, playing, dust baths, mud baths, rooting, pecking, etc. We move their location around the farm approximately each week to ensure fresh forage. Moving animals onto fresh ground also reduces the risk of parasites and other diseases that can build up when animals are kept in confinement. The movement of these animals also spreads around their manure, which provides a synergistic source of fertility to our vegetable farming operation, Frog Song Organics. We follow required 90-120 daypre-harvest intervals to ensure food safety after the animals have been on land and deposited their wonderful manure. We do not use any dewormers on our current stock of hogs raised for meat. Our chicks are vaccinated when they are hatched for Marek's disease and coccidiosis, and are fed unmedicated feed. We will treat animals who are ill with appropriate medicine as determined by a veterinarian. If an animal were to receive antibiotics or other treatment inconsistent with organic production practices, we do not market these animals as organically produced and keep them only for personal consumption.