Beagle Bay (Not Certified Organic)
City: Bradenton, FL,
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Phone: 941-812-2771
About Us
At Beagle Bay, we strive to create the tastiest and healthiest cultured products available. We use nothing but organic ingredients combined with the centuries old method of culturing - small batches using a little bit of salt and time - creating products loaded with the kind of enzymes that our bodies need to digest and stay healthy.

Beagle Bay began when former Zookeepers, Keith and Kelly Pratt, sought to settle their own stomachs of digestive issues. After some research online, they discovered all of the benefits of naturally fermented products and began to make their own sauerkraut. Named after their beloved Beagles' baying, rather than an actual bay, what began in their kitchen quickly grew in popularity and now they operate in a warehouse in East Bradenton, Florida.

This isn't your hot dog stand kraut. They take organically grown veggies and ferment them for 4-5 weeks. Each batch is hand made, so not every batch comes out the same. This "live" food will continue to ferment and bubble over time, and although some like to gobble it down immediately, others enjoy letting it age for 2+ years for an even tangier taste!

We supply Beagle Bay with our organically grown cabbage, daikon radishes, carrots, jalapenos and herbs and they ferment it into their delicious krauts, kim chi hot sauce and mustards. Nourish your own gut flora with their delicious products!

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