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ABUNDANT CROPS: STRAWBERRIES!!!, LETTUCES (Spring Mix, Romaine, Red Butter, French Butter, and Red Romaine), RADISHES (Easter Egg, French Breakfast, Red Round, Purple Daikon, Black Spanish, Watermelon), ONIONS (Sweet, Cipollini, Scallions), TOKYO TURNIPS, HERBS (Dill, Fennel), CALENDULA
We'd like to thank all of our fans for coming out to see the farm on Sunday. Our crops are looking amazing this week with this beautiful weather. We hope everybody got plenty of awesome strawberries as the quality/taste is likely the best of the whole season! We've been busy cultivating carrots and potatoes as well as planting our late spring crops of sweet corn, green beans, squash and cucumbers. In December and January we planted over 60,000 onions and this week we're stoked to see the first harvest of our Florida Sweets (Vidalia style) with nice greens. We hope you all take advantage of this peak season when we see the most diversity of quality crops!

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