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ABUNDANT CROPS THIS WEEK: SQUASH, SUMMER (mix of paddy pan, yellow straightneck, and zucchini), POTATOES (new red), CARROTS (baby and rainbow), ARUGULA, LETTUCES (panisse, red butter, red romaine, green romaine, red leaf), KOHLRABI, ONIONS (scallions, sweet yellow, sweet red), PEAS (snow), RADISHES (red, watermelon, purple daikon)

April is the farmers' favorite month at the farm - the weather is mild, fruit is abundant, and we're harvesting our cool season and warm season crops simultaneously. This week is the first dig of our new red potatoes and our first big wave of summer squash. We're still seeing lots of beautiful lettuces, peas, kohlrabi, and broccoli too with one more week of nice weather. We'll be working hard this week to put tons of onions in the curing room, tons of carrots and potatoes into storage, and to plant many more thousands of row feet of sweet corn, peas, and okra for the summer season. Thank you all for supporting our farm throughout the year and we hope you enjoy the bountiful April harvests!

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