Throughout the season we get to experience the 'miracle' crops when all conditions align for multiple varieties to mature simultaneously. This week, in the middle of our 'Goldilocks' fall season, we have our famous tricolor beans for your enjoyment. From over a decade of experience growing beans we know that one or maybe two of the varieties are more common to have during any given week. We planted multiple blocks at the end of September and early October anticipating they would be ready by Thanksgiving. Due to the cold, dark weather we've had the past few weeks these beans decided to come in all at the same time this week. So, for you bean lovers, get ready for a wave of awesome purple, yellow, and green snap beans this week and next. Get them on your menus and storefronts now as the next crop won't come until late April 2023.

As we move through our favorite greens of the season we had to double back on our spicy, curly mustards. They get passed over too quickly in the fall as we get stoked on the baby bok choy, napa cabbage, or the much-anticipated sweet kales. So this week we revel in the wasabi-like flavor and super nutrient-laden, tender mustard greens. From many years of enjoying these fine greens in our kitchens we recommend a three part sauce for sautéing - rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, and Frog Song cane syrup. This trio will bring balance to the spicy, pleasantly bitter flavor of the mustards. Their texture is like bok choy meets curly kale, both crunchy and delicate. Enjoy them as a side dish for a to get your dose of calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins B6 & C.

All year long we get to enjoy watching the blocks of turmeric move through their stages of growth in our fields. We plant in the late spring and early summer and by early fall the foliage has filled out all the beds. Then as the fall turns to winter, we see the leaves drop while the plants push their resources into the roots. After the second season we can get a great yield from our initial planting, when the original seed of an ounce or two can turn into a giant clump of over 2lbs of beautiful turmeric. It takes at least 18 months for us to get a good yield and sometimes we allow the planting to go a third season. At this time of the season, we have the most amazing quality roots with very little skin (no-peel for you busy chefs) and a gem-like appearance (for discerning resale customers). Either way, late November and early December is the best time of the year to feature this year-round crop in your kitchens or retail displays. 

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