For over a decade we have been tending our persimmon orchard. With over 10 varieties planted we get to see a large harvest window starting in early September and ending sometime in October. This week we see an abundance of our fuyu-type varieties, including Jiro, Makawa Jiro, Ichikikei Jiro, Guang Yang, and Matsumoto Fuyu. All of these varieties are wonderful when enjoyed crispy, which makes them perfect for salads and fruit medleys. They have been improved over the last 100 years to remove the tannins from the fruit (the astringent sensation of an underripe heirloom).

Since picking a few weeks ago our heirloom varieties are ripening nicely in storage and we can pack cases of 90% or more ripeness this week so many will be ready to enjoy when you get them. For all of the fruit that don't make our specs we'll be starting up our dehydrator this week so you guys can look for those tasty, chewy snacks in about three weeks from now. Persimmons grow incredibly well at our farm and taste amazing so we're here to introduce you all to our awesome varieties throughout the fall season.

High Springs Orchard is seeing an abundance of epic chestnuts this week. These tasty nuts are some of the most difficult crops to harvest due to a sea-urchin-like spiny hull that protects the prize inside. We recommend boiling them to easily cook them without having to cut every shell like when roasting. Their meat is incredibly flavorful and makes great stuffing or just as an afternoon snack (high in amino acids and plant-based protein).

Our partners in North and South Carolina are having an end of the season abundance in summer squash and winter squash. Clem's came through with a new variety this year, the Butterkin, which is as you guessed, a hybrid between a butternut and a pumpkin. They are also coming in heavy with their Tetsukabuto 'Carolina Sweet' squash (Kabocha/butternut cross), which looks like a beautiful dark green pumpkin. Both varieties are great for roasting, pies, and soup, so you can't go wrong with these improved butternut hybrids grown in the rich, loamy soil of the Pisgah Forest. We also have tons of great yellow squash and green zucchini from the Watsons, just weeks before our big crop hits here at Frog Song.

We're sending out positive energy to our friends at Worden Farm and Honeyside Farm as they got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Ian last week. We're hoping that they recover quickly and can replant for a successful fall season. We can remember how hard Hurricane Irma hit our farm in 2017 and how it affected the rest of our season. We're hoping we can do all that is possible to help our partners get back on their feet and make the best of Fall season possible this year.

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