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Order anytime Friday-Sunday, and your veggies will arrive on the following Wednesday. We can serve most of Florida.

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We serve the Gainesville, Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Orlando, FL areas.

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We all saw great success in our wishes for rain last week. During the three day event we watched over 6" fall at our farm. At times fast and at times slow, the rain changed the landscape of our parched farm from brown to green. Some crops got too much water (pumpkins, melons, squash) while others finally got what they wanted (sweet corn, hibiscus). Now that the rainy season is almost here we're working hard to get the rest of our potato and carrot crop out of the ground. We've been planting many acres of cover crops to make use of the summer showers and to keep our ground from washing away.

This week in celebration of the abundance of crops fit for preserving, we're offering deals on cucumbers, carrots, and sweet corn for processing. Get your caning equipment out. Now is a great time to put make pickles for all summer and fall. Also this week we've also got some amazing cured sweet onions, new red potatoes, and the season's final pick of purple daikon radishes.

For you strawberry fans, this will likely be the last week of U-Pick of the year. Please come out to the farm and fill up your freezers this Wednesday from 4pm-7pm or this Saturday from 9am-1pm. There are still plenty of good berries just waiting to get picked. Bring the whole family and have a great time.

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